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Providing up to date and in-depth data and analysis for business and finance executives, industry analysts, professional advisors, academics and government officers, these businesses are a leading source of information and research in the investment and asset management arena.

BCA Research

BCA Research is one of the world’s leading independent providers of global investment research.

BCA has a unique approach to “connecting the dots” across countries and asset classes: introducing global themes and then applying them to a specific asset class, region, market or sector. BCA uses evidence from the “ground” (every corner of the world) to support its research and analysis.  The firm provides its clients with leading-edge analysis and forecasts of the major financial markets, with clear and focused recommendations for investment strategy – backed by time-tested proprietary indicators.

BCA Research provides its strategy services to investors in more than 80 countries through a range of products, consulting and conferences.

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Institutional Investor

For 50 years, Institutional Investor has built its reputation on providing must-have information for the world's most influential decision-makers in traditional and alternative asset management. In additional to its renowned publications, Institutional Investor offers highly respected thought leadership products as well as proprietary benchmark rankings and ratings on buy-side and sell-side research, hedge fund activity, and asset and wealth management. It has a proven history of anticipating the personalities and trends most likely to influence the global financial markets. Its Memberships and Forums division attracts an incomparable who’s-who of thought leaders to more than 100 annual events in all major markets globally.

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Institutional Investor Memberships

Institutional Investor’s 15 Membership organizations create invaluable opportunities for senior executives in asset management to meet their peers and clients to discuss critical industry issues and trends.  Through long-lasting relationships developed in these groups, members enjoy a trust and camaraderie as valuable as the specific information disseminated at the meetings. The Membership groups are truly global, both in location and in the issues they address, and while each group focuses on the major industry issues facing its region of the world, they also address the global reality of expanding markets.

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Institutional Investor Forums

For more than 40 years, Institutional Investor Forums have delivered unique, exclusive events—highly interactive forums for senior financial executives and investors to hear from global thought leaders and selected solutions providers. Our audiences are highly qualified and strictly defined so that everyone in attendance can contribute meaningfully to the discussion. We believe it is the exchange of information and experiences among peers that are the hallmark of relevant, productive events and it is that factor especially that sets us apart.

Our attendees speak candidly and openly because no press is allowed and overt marketing is prohibited, while interaction is encouraged and facilitated. Institutional Investor Forums sessions are led by the world’s leading experts in various fields; all experts who are invited to present share the common goals of communicating practical solutions and providing the information that delegates require.

Institutional Investor Forums are held regularly in North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Central and South America. These Forums are designed to address the issues of most concern to investment decision-makers at the largest pension funds, endowments, foundations, family offices, and registered investment advisory firms as well as senior corporate executives (CFOs and risk managers) of the largest global firms.

The Investor Intelligence Network

The Investor Intelligence Network (IIN) is a private and confidential online community for asset owners. Launched in January 2011 by Institutional Investor Inc., IIN has over 3,400 members from 96 countries as of April 1, 2015.

Membership is by invitation-only and is subject to a strict vetting procedure.  Members use IIN to find out what sophisticated investors in other parts of the world are doing to minimize risk and maximize return; they ask peers and guest experts questions, and access proprietary macroeconomic research and white papers from investment managers. There is a wide range of discussion forums on a variety of investment issues.

 In order to preserve a private setting for asset owners, IIN does not provide access for investment managers or other vendors.

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Manager Intelligence Network

The Manager Intelligence Network is a private website for investment managers.  It provides market intelligence and access to four institutional markets – North America, Europe, Sovereign, and Asia Pacific. It is based on a unique link to the world’s most successful online community for institutional investors, the Investor Intelligence Network (IIN).  IIN serves more than 3400 asset owners in 96 countries and allows senior officials to compare notes, share research and ask each other questions in a confidential environment.

The Manager Intelligence Network connects managers with this private community of asset owners and provides a window on their thinking. Using aggregated data, the Network reveals the hottest topics, most popular stories and top questions among investors in each region.

It also provides a highly targeted marketing channel. Managers can upload white papers, for example, and have them reach any asset owner on IIN interested in the topic. They can also answer questions that asset owners are asking about their product area and thus connect at the very moment an investor is reaching out for information. MIN provides managers with earlier engagement in the sales cycle and a far better understanding of investor needs. There is no more powerful way to introduce the expertise of an asset management firm to asset owners. 

Family Office Network (FON)

The Family Office Network is a global private membership group of Institutional Investor for Single Family Offices only. It introduces its members to the expertise of other Single Family Offices and institutional asset owners around the world. You can share knowledge, best practices and identify investment opportunities in a confidential environment free from sponsorship. The Family Office Network is valuable whether your family office focuses on operational issues, governance or investments. Membership is for Single Family Offices only and members are subject to a strict vetting procedure. Countries now represented by the membership group include United States, Canada, China, Guatemala, Ireland, Kuwait, Luxemburg, Monaco, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, UAE and UK.

Centre for Investor Education

The role of the Centre for Investor Education (CIE) is to assist superannuation funds, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, statutory funds, asset consultants and other industry participants achieve their objectives. In doing so, CIE designs and delivers strategic investment forums for decision-makers within the Australian superannuation and pension fund industry globally.

CIE’s investment forums are designed to challenge thinking and provide unique perspectives for executives, senior staff and decision makers within the Institutional Investor community, facilitating the delivery of better outcomes for members, constituents and stakeholders. Delegates attending CIE investment forums are the key decision-makers of Institutional Investor bodies and entities operating in the financial services market.

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Ned Davis Research, Inc.

Ned Davis Research is a global provider of independent research solutions to the world’s leading financial institutions. In 1980, Ned Davis founded NDR on the belief that market analysis, which was very subjective, should be transformed into an objective, data-driven process.

Clients rely on NDR to provide balanced strategic insights for asset allocation across asset classes, regions and markets. NDR strategies are driven by quantitative tools that determine the weight-of-the-indicator evidence and support our objective, disciplined and flexible approach to global strategy. Our actionable recommendations based on fundamental and technical evaluations keep our clients on the profitable side of global market trends.

NDR’s robust interactive library of strategy publications, charts, dashboards, models and custom research provide investors the confidence to make decisions quickly and effectively.

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Global Investor Magazine

Global Investor incorporating ISF is the industry magazine for the international fund management community. It provides comprehensive coverage of the whole business process encompassing both asset management and asset servicing.

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Sovereign Wealth Center

Institutional Investor’s Sovereign Wealth Center is the leading provider of actionable intelligence on sovereign wealth funds (SWFs), offering in-depth, objective and expert insights into SWF investment behavior and trends. We maintain the most detailed, accurate library of sovereign wealth fund profiles available; we also provide an extensive, multiyear database of publicly disclosed transactions that includes more than 3700 deals.

Sovereign Wealth Center

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